10 Fantastic tips to ease tension during Exams

Today’s post is about Exams tension. Exams (whatever exams they might be – school, or competitive) can be a major cause for tension and stress if you are a student. But getting tensed has an adversely bad affect on you rather than having any kind of optimistic impact. I will let you know why tension is not good and sometimes is dangerous for exams.

Seriously speaking, it is a danger for having a lot of tension during Exams. Reasons:

  1. Before the exam, when you have got a lot of tension eating up your mind, you tend to get scared rather than having confidence upon what you have already studied and prepared for your exam. This will let you have a pessimistic impact on you. Your brain cannot handle everything at once. When tension eats up your mind, you will not be able to remember anything. So, stay cool and fresh and never get tensed.
  2. There are high chances that you might submit an incomplete paper. Yes. That can happen. I still remember that day when I was late to the exam and I completely got tensed. And the result of that? I did not look whether I got a complete question paper or not. What a fate I had that day? Well, I might think that it was my fate. But if I would have not got tensed, then I would have definitely saved my day. Isnt it? That is the reason, I say students to be as calm and peaceful as possible during exams. Even if you are ever late, it is okay. Do not get tensed for that and ruin your entire exam.
And well….there are many more reasons though…You might be knowing it well than me.

Sometimes, you might get tension without any reason. Then what you should be doing then? Well, so now, let’s discuss upon what you should do to not let tension touch you. Here we go:
  1. Study in advance for your exams. I have seen and known many students sitting near books just before the day of the exam. Well, that might definitely make you get tensed and anxious. So, prepare everything in advance.
  2. Sleep well before exams. Many students tend to not have a good sleep before exam. But remember that unlike you, your mind and your body too need sleep. Otherwise, they might not work to the full potential.
  3. Pack your bag well in advance. Pack all the pencil, pens and whatever you need for exams in advance so that you do not need to get tensed on the very morning of the exam day.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes – daily use.
  5. If you ever feel tensed during the exam, just put your hands on the chair and press the edges upwards hard.
  6. Tense your muscles make tight fist and release after 4-5 seconds. It causes relaxation.
  7. Try taking a walk before exam as speedy legs means speedy brain.
  8. Think about your favorite personality and think how you want to achieve your goals just like them. {You can even think about Superman or batman, if you like that characterisation. Be like them.}
  9. Just stop thinking too much about how bad you might write and start solving or writing the exam. You absolutely can do it. Just have that confidence on yourself.
  10. In the end, I just like to point out that – it is just an exam, not the end of the world. If not this, you can write another one. (Does not mean that you will not study at all. I am just telling this so that you do not get over tensed.)

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Clean your social media | Impel Tutors

​​Social media. How interesting is it?

Ahhh. I just love to be on Facebook posting about many issues, posting pictures on Instagramand tweeting continuously on Twitter. Well, who doesn’t love to be on social media these days and do these things? Everyone loves it, right?

But did you hear about how Harvard University has hindered in taking back its acceptances to few students after looking at their social media? (‘Harvard College rescinded admissions offers to at least ten prospective members of the Class of 2021 after the students traded sexually explicit memes and messages that sometimes targeted minority groups in a private Facebook group chat.’)

Well, that is the exact reason I tell you to be careful about how your social media is conveying your personality to others…

If you are planning to get an internship or get into universities, the way you use your social media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter can either add to your advantage or can have chances to hinder your process.

Here’s a few steps you should take to optimize your social media presence which can help you to a great extent:

1. Google your name

Type your name on Google and see what content is being available??? These days, everything you post can be easily available on Google. Now, do not be lazy. Its your future that is at stake. So, check out the first minimum 5 pages to make sure nothing obscene is being available about your name (may it be the posts you published or the pictures you posted). Everything matters.

2. Delete the unnecessary posts

Now, if you see any unnecessary posts of yours…..the first thing you need to do is DELETE it…. Now… DO it now before you forget it.

3. Change your privacy settings

Now, the best thing you can do if you want to keep your feelings posted somewhere? Change your PRIVACY settings. Keep your feelings to your self and your private circles. DO not let it come out and eat you up completely. This is very important that matters in your life. Because, every person is different and thinks different. If the recruiter or the college administrator who has got the work to accept you to a college does not have the same thinking like that of yours’, then there are high chances that your posts and your feelings will risk your future.


How to handle REJECTIONS from your DREAM SCHOOLS

Rejections. The word itself feels like killing me. Yes, I have experienced many rejections in my life. But, for better or worse, it has made me a stronger person in life. 

But while you hear it for the first time, especially when you have got so many hopes on it and waiting to hear a positive answer from them, a rejection will shatter you into pieces. Well, several pieces I must say. No one really likes to hear “No” as an answer. People love to get “Yes”. And when you do not see “congratulations” in the letter sent to you from your dream school, you just ought to get depressed for the same. I know. It is the most difficult phase of your life to handle.

But the problem is that – this rejection is a part of our growth – may it be in your academics, work, relationships or anything in life. It will make you grow stronger. In the past few years, I have learned that it is not possible to avoid rejections if we want to truly develop ourselves as a person. Rejection helps you to uncover your blind spots and to learn about yourself a bit more and with a better added intensity this time.

If you do not want to hear about rejections at all, that is highly impossible in this real world. Even the best and famous people who have achieved a lot now would have gone through many rejections in their lifetime.

So, rather than cursing yourself or someone else for that rejection you have received, it is better to handle it like a pro.

Here, I have provided few tactics which helped me a lot during my rejections. Look over them. May be, these can be helpful even for you next:

1. Don’t take it personally

Many a times, when we have worked so hard and have achieved so good marks both in competitive exams and have boosted our GPA, but still could not make it to our dream schools, we tend to take it personal. Because we feel like we have not done enough to get there. We curse ourselves. But then, cursing yourself is not going to get you anywhere. Remember that, the person on the other side whose work is to accept you is also a human being. They have got various thoughts running in their mind. You need to recognize that rejections are rarely personal. They usually reflect more about the other human being and how your profile does not meet his/her ideal thoughts, than about you. So deal it like a pro. Because it is not your mistake for receiving a rejection. You have worked hard. You did it. Just tap your back and be proud of yourself at all times. It is their bad luck that they did not take a hard worker like you.

2. Expect Rejection

This is a world. It is not perfectly ideal. Things happen much to our surprise and shock. Not everyone can get into the best schools. Look at the acceptance rate of your schools. And expect to get a rejection. 

This will help you in 2 ways. Firstly, you will not feel much depressed if you get any rejection. And secondly, you are going to push yourself more to keep your best foot forward which might help you get into something more best. 

Believe me, this tactic is the best to apply. But make sure that you do not procrastinate it instead. The point here is to use rejection as a force to make yourself a better person, and not as an excuse to put off the work.

3. Learn from Rejection

Whatever might be the reason for your rejection (let that other human being rejected you for something). Know what it is? Many of the schools will let you know what is lacking in your application. If they do not, then send them a mail and get to know about it yourself. The easiest way to follow up is: accept your rejection and slowly and sincerely ask them the reason behind it. Do not be rude with them. That will literally spoil your personality as a whole and you are going to gain nothing from it. Be polite and sincere. 

When you ask in a polite manner, the other party will also be polite and will be helpful in improving you at the best. I did the same thing when I had perfect scores in my SAT and TOEFL, but could not make into MIT. I asked them the reason behind my rejection in a very polite manner for which the other party politely made few points which helped me a lot to secure a place in another top school. (I could not get into MIT. But it did not stop me from getting into another best school). 

The best thing here is that, when you get to know the reason behind your rejection, you will learn your mistakes and do it differently or the way around next time. This will help you get other best opportunities like the one I have got.

4. Rejection is not the end of the world…it is more of a progression

Well, I said that I could get into a better school. It is not greater than MIT. It does not however mean that it is a regression. Well, today I might not have been studying in MIT, but I got many other chances which are equally and more profitable for me in my life than being there. 

But yes, I do agree that it was not a sudden realization for me. It took me a lot of time to get to this point. Do not feel sad just because you were rejected at some school. May it be your dream. But there is no where written that dreams come true every time. I realized that all the fears I had about rejection are just mental. Mind is the one which controls of how we react to a situation. And that rejection is actually a step forward to know what people want, what is out there in reality and how to improve yourselves to achieve those goals. 

I am sure that these 4 tactics of thinking can be a great help for you. All the very best for your life. I am sure you are going to ace it in your respective areas – no matter where you get accepted into.​

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